The goal of this summer school is to forge a seed of young researchers from different disciplines, who share the interest in mechanisms for coordination of logistics processes as well as in the cooperation and competitiveness in supply chains. Therefore, the third LogDynamics Summer School will focus the topic area of Decision Support in Supply Chain Networks.  
    The courses of the summer school include among others the following topics: 

    • IT based data mining and data analytics
    • Tools and methods for network optimization
    • Identification of decision support variables
    • Serious gaming
    The students will utilize this knowledge within their own projects to: 

    • classify their research project in the topic landscape of the summer school,
    • sharpen the understanding of the working principles and realize the interdependencies between different levels and components of the systems,
    • improve communication and increase understanding and exchange between the involved scientific disciplines. 

    Finally, the summer school strives to generate a network of young researchers within the field of logistics. The aim of the network is to foster ideas from the various discipline and give rise to opportunities for joint research. To support this process, the summer school is accompanied by lab sessions and an industry excursion, as well as by classical social elements such as get-together and a guided tour.